What our clients say...

Charlie Harary

Lecturer, Writer, Producer

I so enjoy working with Jordan. He has an incredibly creative mind and is always looking for new ways to deliver messages. Once he wraps his head around a concept, he can see it from many different angles which gives the people he collaborates with fresh ideas and perspectives.

Elisheva Perlman

The Anelis Group

Working with Jordan is better than having a master thesaurus on hand. Full of creative wit and always with the friendliest disposition.

Alex Libkind

CEO - Appsolute Media

Jordan is a very creative force who challenges preconceived assumptions and helped us better understand our brand and target audience.

Seth Galena

Managing Editor and Co-Founder of Bangitout.com

Jordan's energy and creativity is contagious. Over the years of collaborating with him, I've learned so much about hard work, dedication and passion. He is able to motivate, inspire and perspire for the betterment of the project at hand and does not sleep (literally) until every component of the project is done.  His incredible sense of humor allows any challenge to be faced with a wink and smile and and his huge heart carries most everyone to the finish line. And boy can he write - his ability to articulate deep and complex emotions along side the funniest of quips makes him a storytelling master.

Rina Zerykier

Principal - Shulamith High School For Girls

Jordan was an absolute pleasure to work with! Creative, easygoing, professional and fun. He took our ideas and ran with them. Our students and faculty loved working with him. He made them feel like movie stars! What's more - the video went viral within minutes.  Best marketing dollars we spent in a long time!

Shira Kalish

Jordan filmed and edited a fabulous music video for my son's Bar Mitzvah. He was super creative and everyone who saw it was very impressed! I highly recommend his work!

Ruthie Gartenberg

We highly recommend Trick One Productions.  Jordan is very creative, talented, and a pleasure to work with - he wrote, produced, and filmed 15-20 minute videos for both of our sons' Bar Mitzvah celebrations.  He incorporated the party theme, along with our family's personalities, to create amazing videos which were unique and entertaining.

Eric Ehrenhaus


Success requires determination. Creativity requires vision. But to be successfully creative requires a unique blend of both.  For as long as I've know Jordan, he's had that unique blend in his DNA and has taken an outside the box approach to any project we've worked on together.  From books to screenplays to off-the-cuff short features, he has a nose for success and an eye for creativity.  Creative consulting is what he was born to do.