About us

Our Mission

We aim to deliver the unexpected and bring some artistry to the medium. While many production companies like to work in a comfortable format or imitate a cookie-cutter style, we like to reinvent the wheel. We are inspired to create new, fresh, interesting, different, and bold content to capture the attention of your audience. When you work with us, you will immediately see the difference.

  • Don’t sacrifice creativity. We can work with your budget
  • Your goals + Our imagination and professional expertise
  • Include clients in the creative process for best results (and it’s fun!)
  • Truly listen to clients and craft the project until their vision is realized
  • The overall success of your event or campaign is our main focus

Our Passion

A Trick One Production must be memorable. We want to stand out. Our signature is originality. We want to help you see things differently so that your audience doesn’t forget you, your event, your business, or your product. We love the creative process and never want to be just going through the motions. Every project has a unique flavor and we enjoy bringing that flavor to the surface and infusing it with flair, humor, and heart.

  • Always vying for viral
  • Brainstorm until exhaustion, then repeat
  • Build it up, tear it down, reconfigure, reimagine…until its right
  • Be open to new ideas and never fear starting again.
  • Push the limits, but know the boundaries

About Jordan

Jordan Hiller has been the go-to-guy for original, funny video production since high school, but only recently converted his passion into Trick One Productions. Besides his work as a real estate attorney, Jordan has been involved in Film Journalism for fifteen years, writing about movies and interviewing numerous high profile actors and directors. Within the next two years he will publish his first novel.